Yiwu Market Map

Yiwu Market Map

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Yiwu Market Map
Yiwu Market

Yiwu Market

Yiwu International Trade City is the world's largest small commodities market. The Futian market is divided into 5 districts covering an area of 4 million square meters for 75000 booths. Over 400,000 kinds of products are exhibited there. You would need to spend at least 4 days constantly walking around the market if you want to visit all the booths.

Yiwu Market Location

  • Yiwu market usually refers to the Yiwu Futian market which is also called Yiwu International Trade City.

  • This biggest small commodity hub is located on Chouzhou Road in Yiwu City.

Yiwu International Trade City District Map

Yiwu International Trade City District Map

Yiwu District 1 Gate

  • China Yiwu International Trade Mart-Distirct 1

The infrastructure of mart was built in October , 2001 and Yiwu market District 1 was officially put into operation on 22nd Oct. 2002. The total area of this district is 340,000 square meter. with a total investment of 700 million yuan. Over 10,500 suppliers entered and opened more than 10,000 booths here. 70% of products in this area are for exporting. Stepping into the 1st floor, you are coming into a world of flower blossoming and the ocean of all kind of toys. On the 2nd floor which is the most bustling hub also home to exquisite yiwu jewelry and hair ornaments. Come upwards, it's a paradise for art craft dealers, you can see all collections of crafts and gifts including the Christmas items , Santa in various dresses, Christmas trees, snowing streetlights..The top floor is factory outlets for artificial flowers and fashion jewelry & accessories.

Yiwu District 1 Gate

Yiwu Market District 1

Flower & fittingB
Plush ToysB/C
Inflatable ToysC
Electric ToysC/D
Common ToysD/E
F2Hair OrnamentA/B/C
F3Festival ArtsA
Decorative ArtsA/B/C
Toursim Arts/ Frame
Jewelry Accessory
Arts & CraftsB/C

Yiwu Market District 1

Yiwu District 2 Gate

  • China Yiwu International Trade Mart-Distirct 2

Yiwu market district 2 ranges from gate 19 to get 47 and officially opened on 22nd October ,2004. It covers building area of over 600,000 squre meter and boasts above 8,000 booths. The first floor if mainly for suitcases & bags , umbrellas and raincoats, and packing bags; The second floor deals in hardware tools, accessories like electrical products, locks and vehicles. On the third floor, you can find quality kitchenware & sanitary ware, small home appliances, telecom facilities, electronic instruments,watches & clocks etc. Stepping up on the fourth floor, you can find some factory outlets dealing with bathroom hardware and industrial tools, like pipes, screws and nuts etc.

Yiwu District 2 Gate

Yiwu Market District 2

1FRaincoat /Umbrella /PolybagsF
Suitcase & Bags
2FLock/ Electric ProductsF
Hardware Tools/ FittingF/G
3FHardware Tools/ Small AppliancesF
Telecom Equipments/ Clock/ WatchG
Electronic Instrument /Electronic
4FLocal Goods Display AreaF
Anhui Goods Display Area
Hongkong Goods Display Area
Sichuan Goods Display Area
South Korean Goods Display Area
Hardware & Electric AppliancesF/ link to Floor 4
Hardware & SuitcaseG
Electronic/ Clock /Watch

Yiwu Market District 2

Yiwu District 3 Gate

  • China Yiwu International Trade Mart-Distirct 3

Yiwu Market District 3 is a bit smaller than Yiwu District 2 ,4 and 5 but bigger than District 1 , there are 6,000 standard booths of 14 square meter for each from floor 1 to 3. On Floor 4 and 5 , there are more than 600 booths of manufacturer outlet center. Starting from get 51 , we can find all kinds of pens, ink and paper products. Heading south, we are coming to the home of glasses, both Optical glasses and fashion glasses for adults and kids. On 2nd floor, there is full of stationery wholesale and sports products. If you were a girl, Floor 3 will be your most interested area , as it's all about cosmetics. Factory outlets on 4th floor will meet your needs on indoor and outdoor activities for their multiple equipments.

Yiwu District 3 Gate

Yiwu Market District 3

Pens & Ink /Pape rArticlesL2
2FOffice SuppliesL2/H
Sports Equipments
Stationery & SportsL3
Wash & SkincareH
Beauty Salon Equipment
Cosmetic Accessories
Mirror / Comb
Buttons / Zipper
Fashion Accessories
Accessories / PartsL3
4FStationery &SportsH
Buttons / Zipper

Yiwu Market District 3

Yiwu District 4 Gate

  • China Yiwu International Trade Mart-Distirct 4

In the Yiwu market development history, Yiwu Market District 4 is known as the sixth generation. It was opened on 21st Oct. 2008 with a total building area of 1,080,000 square meter and holds 16,000 booths.

Floor 1 is the haven of sockings , offering all types of socks for seasonal, fashion , sports etc. Coming up to second floor, you will find daily necessities, like gloves, hats & caps , knitted and cotton goods. The third floor display shoes , webbings, lace , caddice , towel etc. On fourth floor, visitors can find wide range of bulk fashion accessories, like bra, underwear, belts and scarves.

Yiwu District 4 Gate

Yiwu Market District 4

2FDaily ConsumableWest
Other Knitting Products
3FSewing Thread & TapeWest
Wool Yarn
Bar & UnderwareEast

Yiwu Market District 4

Yiwu District 5 Gate

  • China Yiwu International Trade Mart-Distirct 5

International Trade Mart District 5 thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development and comprehensively push forward the construction of Yiwu as an international trade city. It covers building area of 640,000 square meters and a significant investment of 1.42 billion yuan.

Over 7,000 booths display their goods here, The categories cover imported products ,beddings, textile, knitting raw materials and automobile products & accessories etc. Floor 5 serves as an e-commerce hub to facilitate smooth online business operations.

Yiwu District 5 Gate

Yiwu Market District 5

F1Imported Products
African Products
Arts & Crafts Photo Frame
Consumer Goods
Knitting Material
F4Auto (motor) Accessories

Yiwu Market District 5

Yiwu Market Map PDF

Yiwu Market Video

Dive into the vibrant and dynamic world of Yiwu Market through our captivating video. Explore the vast array of products, witness bustling trade, and experience the unique atmosphere that defines Yiwu's global marketplace. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds that make Yiwu Market a hub of international commerce.

Popular Shops in Yiwu Market District

Yiwu Commodity City Group annually selects the top 10 most popular and satisfactory stores of the past year, and the following are the top 10 booths in 2023.

  • Yiwu Ai Shang Household Company

International Trade City, Fourth Street, North Gate 1,50208
  • Yiwu Meige Mat Company

Yiwu International Trade City, 81, Gate 2,12 Street 35476
  • Voyager Home Appliances Company
Yiwu International Trade City, Section 29, Floor 3,3 Street 16772
  • Lvkang Plastic Factory
Yiwu International Trade City, 79, 2nd floor, 1 Street 35110
  • Xuping Jewelry
Yiwu International Trade City, East 11 gate, 2nd floor, 2 Street 102585
  • Jinfeng Ribbon Company
Yiwu International Trade City District 4, 73, 6 Street 40446
  • Wenzhou Xiongxing ECO-Bag Company
Yiwu International Trade City, Section 23, Gate 1, Street 4,10402a
  • Xingda Ceramics company
Yiwu International Trade City, District 4,83rd gate, 2nd floor, 9th Street, 35383
  • Topkey Stationery Company
Yiwu International Trade City, 55 gate, 2nd floor, 3 Street 24173
  • Shenghui Toy Company
Yiwu International Trade City, 14 gate, 1 floor, 9 Street 2252

Special Markets and Streets In Yiwu

As we know Yiwu International Trade Mart (Futian Yiwu market) is the biggest and best-known market in Yiwu. Actually, besides the Futian market, there are other valuable and special markets and streets in this vibrant Chinese city of Yiwu. Let's explore the specialized markets & streets to expand your horizons and optimize your trip :

  • 1) Yiwu International Production Material Market

Location: No.1566 Xuefeng West Road.

The international Production Material Market differs from the Futian market. While the Futian market gets small commodities, the International Production Material market focuses on machinery, equipment, lighting, and leather goods.

  • 2) Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing Market

Location: The intersection of Jiangbin Middle Road and Huangyuan Road

This is a thriving clothing market that offers the most extensive and finest clothing accessories at very reasonable prices. The business model here is very flexible as it perfectly complements wholesale and retail for your clothing needs.

  • 3) Yiwu Furniture Market

Location: No.1799 Xicheng Road

The Yiwu Furniture Market is a large-scale market and a fantastic place for furniture shopping. It has been officially approved by the Yiwu City government, ensuring high standards and quality.  The facilities here are well-designed to support the customer's comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  • 4) Meihu Stock Street

Location: North of Wuai Road

You can find a very large product range with stock available here, The stock goods are selling at very great prices for wholesale buyers. The categories include clothing, suitcases, bags, toys, shoes, and Stationary.

  • 5) Changchun Ornament Street 1-7

Location: The intersection of Mall Avenue and Gongren North Road

This street specializes in fashion jewelry and ornaments. You can also find accessories like glass beads, plastic beads, and natural stones here.

  • 6) Chouzhou North Gift Street

Location: 601, Chouzhou North Road

On this street, you can find a very large wide range of Christmas goods.

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