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Necklaces come in a range of styles, such as chokers, pendants, chains, and lariats. Necklaces can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces to make a fashion statement. They can add a touch of elegance, glamour, or playfulness to any outfit, and are a popular accessory for both casual and formal occasions.

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Necklace Wholesale Sourcing Agent Services

BOYA JEWELRY is a fashion jewelry & accessories brand since 2009. We are located in Yiwu, one of the most important production bases for fashion jewelry and small novelty products. After almost 13 years of hard work, Boya has established itself as a dedicated and reliable partner to dozens of clothing stores , department stores, discount stores, and brand owners in the United States, Europe, and Australia. We focus on jewelry manufacturing, we make zinc alloy products in house from moulding, casting, polishing, enameling, and assembling. We have a wide range of styles for necklaces which are frequently ordered by our global customers, they are pendant necklace, statement necklace, collar necklace, charm necklace, Bib necklace, Chain necklace ,multi-strand necklace, Lariat necklace, tassel necklace etc. The materials we use in necklaces are mainly: zinc alloy, stainless steel, brass, iron, 925 silver, resin, glass, plastic, shell, ceramic, clay, etc. The crafts used on bracelets are usually beading, soldering, enamel, stone gluing, braid, chain, etc. The styles of necklaces are normally trendy, Chic, elegant, vintage, delicate, etc...

If you are exploring the vibrant world of Yiwu's fashion jewelry and require assistance in navigating its extensive market, considering the expertise of a Yiwu sourcing agent can prove invaluable. These professionals provide comprehensive Yiwu sourcing services, helping you to identify the best products and deals. Moreover, for a detailed overview of the market's layout, accessing a Yiwu market map PDF can enhance your sourcing experience, ensuring you make the most of your visit to this global trading hub.

If you have any demands or interest on our necklace product, please be free to leave a message.

Necklace Wholesale China Yiwu FAQs

Q Are your necklace products environmentally friendly?

Yes, all our fashion jewelry products are environmentally friendly. All our necklaces are Lead, Nickel, and cadmium-free and can meet REACH standards in Europe and the CA65 standard in the USA.

Q How can I place an order with your company?

You can leave a message on our website or send us an email at star@dolphinyw.com to explain your purchasing requirements. We will reach out to you via email and send our product catalog, quotation, and other related information.

Q What are the general styles of necklaces?

Generally, necklace styles can be divided into pendant necklaces, statement necklaces, collar necklaces, charm necklaces, Bib necklaces, Chain necklaces,multi-strand necklaces, Lariat necklaces, tassel necklaces, etc. You can choose or customize the styles you want according to your needs.

Q What materials are generally used in necklace?

For fashion jewelry, we usually use metal like zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel, or iron. For non-metal materials, are glass, resin, plastic, PU, leather, cord, raffia, shell, pearl, natural stones, etc. We have many necklaces made of various materials to meet the needs of different customers.

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The Importance Of Yiwu Necklaces In The Fashion Industry

Yiwu necklaces play an important role in the fashion industry, both domestically in China and internationally. Here are some reasons why:

1. Wide Range of Selection: Yiwu necklace suppliers are known for their impressive variety and diversity. Yiwu is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world, so it is home to a wide range of manufacturers and designers who create different styles, materials, and designs of necklaces, catering to different tastes and preferences.

2. Competitive Pricing: Yiwu necklace wholesale is known for its affordability and competitive pricing, which makes it appealing to consumers looking for fashionable yet budget-friendly jewelry.

3. Quality: Despite their low prices, Yiwu necklace suppliers are known for their high quality. Manufacturers in Yiwu use advanced technology and production processes to ensure their products are of the highest standard.

4. Innovative Designs: Yiwu necklace manufacturers are often recognized for their innovative designs. Yiwu designers are known for their creativity, and they often produce unique pieces that are not found elsewhere.

5. International Sourcing: Yiwu jewelry market (/products/yiwu-fashion-jewelry/) is a critical link in the global supply chain for fashion jewelry. Many retailers and distributors source products from Yiwu, which helps to facilitate the international trade of necklaces and other fashion jewelry.

Overall, Yiwu necklaces are important in the fashion industry because they offer a wide range of products that are affordable, high-quality, and innovative. As such, Yiwu necklaces appeal to a broad consumer base and are an essential part of the fashion industry both domestically and globally.

Popular Designs And Trends In Yiwu Necklaces

Yiwu is known for its diverse and innovative fashion jewelry, including necklaces. Here are some of the popular designs and trends in Yiwu necklaces:

1. Layered Necklaces: Layered necklaces feature multiple strands of chains or pendants at different lengths, creating a bohemian and feminine look. Yiwu designers often incorporate this trend in their designs.

2. Statement Necklaces: Statement necklaces are still a popular trend. Yiwu has a wide range of statement necklace designs that feature bold and oversized pendants, large colorful stones, and mixed materials.

3. Personalized Necklaces: Personalized necklaces are a growing trend in fashion jewelry. Yiwu designers are using techniques like laser engraving and 3D printing to create customized necklaces with initials, names, or meaningful symbols.

4. Natural Stones: Yiwu is known for its use of natural stones in necklace designs. From raw and unpolished stones to delicately cut and faceted gems, Yiwu designers often incorporate natural stones in unique and interesting ways.

5. Chokers: Chokers are a popular trend in fashion jewelry, and Yiwu designers have incorporated this style in their necklaces. From simple velvet or leather bands to ornate metal and stone designs, Yiwu has a wide variety of choker necklaces.

6. Mixed Materials: Yiwu designers often incorporate multiple materials in their necklace designs, such as combining metal chains with beads and stones or even incorporating fabrics and fibers like tassels.

Overall, Yiwu necklaces are known for their innovation and creativity, incorporating a range of styles, materials, and techniques to create striking and unique designs.

The Role Of Yiwu In The Global Supply Chain For Necklaces And Other Fashion Jewelry

Yiwu plays a critical role in the global supply chain for necklaces and other fashion jewelry. Yiwu is a large commodity trading hub and home to one of the largest markets in the world for fashion jewelry. As such, it has a great impact on the global supply of necklaces, as well as other fashion jewelry products. Here are some key aspects of the role of Yiwu in the global supply chain:

1. Sourcing: Many companies and retailers source their fashion jewelry products, including necklaces, directly from Yiwu. Yiwu, with its vast number of manufacturers and trading companies, offers a range of products at competitive prices. Utilizing a Yiwu sourcing agent, businesses gain efficient access to this key hub in the fashion jewelry industry.

2. Diversity of Products: Yiwu is known for its impressive variety of necklace and fashion jewelry products, including different styles, materials, and designs. This diversity allows businesses to cater to different tastes and preferences of their customers, which is particularly beneficial for international companies looking to expand their market.

3.  Quality Control: Yiwu necklace supplier has established quality control systems to ensure that its products meet the standards required by international markets. Companies that source from Yiwu can be confident in the quality of their products, which is essential for reputation and customer satisfaction.

4. Exporting: Yiwu is one of China's largest export bases for fashion jewelry, including necklaces. This means that it has good connections with international suppliers and retailers, and facilitates the smooth flow of the global supply chain.

In summary, Yiwu plays a key role in the global supply chain for necklaces and other fashion jewelry. It provides a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices, and its established networks with international suppliers and retailers ensure that its products reach a global market.