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Are you struggling with clutter in your home? Look no further than our Home Storage solutions, guided by the expertise of a dedicated Yiwu agent. Our brand offers durable and stylish options to keep your space organized, emphasizing keywords like organization, space-saving, and convenience. Explore our product parameters, including size, material, and color choices. Our products boast features such as stackable options and easy assembly. Check out our product descriptions for ideas on which style suits your needs.

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What do home storage products do in our daily lives?

  • Organization: 

Home storage products help declutter living spaces by providing designated containers for different items, making it easier to find and access belongings when needed.

  • Space Optimization: 

By neatly storing items in storage products, you can optimize the use of available space, especially in smaller living spaces. This allows for more efficient use of closets, shelves, and other storage areas.

  • Protection: 

Home storage products provide a protective barrier against dust, dirt, and potential damage. Items stored in boxes are less susceptible to wear and tear, ensuring they remain in better condition over time.

  • Easy Retrieval: 

Labeling and categorizing items in storage products make it easy to identify and retrieve specific items quickly. This is especially helpful when dealing with a large number of belongings.

  • Seasonal Storage: 

Home storage products are ideal for storing seasonal items such as clothing, decorations, or sports equipment. This helps in rotating items based on seasonal needs without cluttering living spaces.

  • Moving and Travel: 

When moving or traveling, storage products facilitate the safe and organized transport of belongings. They make packing and unpacking more manageable, reducing stress during transitions.

  • Preservation of Memories: 

Items with sentimental value, such as photographs, letters, or memorabilia, can be preserved in home storage products, protecting them from damage and ensuring they last for generations.

  • Home Decor: 

Stylish and decorative storage products can also serve as part of home decor, adding aesthetic value to a room while still providing functional storage.

  • Stress Reduction: 

A well-organized living space contributes to a sense of order and reduces stress. Knowing where to find things and having a clutter-free environment can positively impact mental well-being.

  • Efficient Workspaces: 

In offices or workspaces, home storage  products help keep documents, supplies, and tools organized, creating a more efficient and productive work environment.

Home Storage Wholesale Sourcing Agent Services

With more than 13 years of experience in import and export trade, Dolphinyw has been one of the most leading yiwu sourcing agents in China, over 110 staffs, has 8000m² warehouse and 900m² showroom. In the past 13 years,we have served over 400 customers who buy goods from yiwu and China.

Home storage takes a great part of our exporting business and this production line started in 2014. Besides plastic home storage products such as PP, PE,PVC etc. We are also supplying fashion storage and closet organization items as fabric storage bags, storage box & bins, under-bed storage bags,shoe organizers, furniture covers, garment cover, storage laundry basket, and jute tote bag, gift bags, cosmetic bags etc. All our products can pass REACH and CA 65 testing standard. Our cooperated factory is BSCI audit verified with 1300 square meters of production area and over 100 skilled sewing workers who are all experienced in producing fabric storage items. Nowadays , Storage products have become the trend of leading the whole global home decoration industry. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality and the most competitive price home storage products. If you are interested in any of our home storage products, please be free to leave a message.

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Home Storage Wholesale China Yiwu FAQs

Q Do you accept custom order like OEM or ODM ?

Yes we have a variety of styles available if you want to add your own logo.

If you have your own design and specific requirements of the materials and technique, we can do ODM for you.

Q Can we customize packing with your company ?

Yes you can send us your artwork for your packing, we also have graphic designer who can organize the artwork of packing. The design can be used on our polybag, packing box or even cartons.

Q Do you offer free samples ?

Yes we provide free samples for our regular customers and charge a reasonable fee for new customers. To request sample, please contact us via star@dolphinyw.com

Q How can I place an order with your company ?

You can leave a message on our website or sent us an email to explain your purchasing requirements. We will reach out to you via email and send our product catalogue, quotation and other related information.

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What is a storage box?

A storage box is a container designed for organizing and storing items. It can vary in size, material, and features, providing a practical solution to keep belongings tidy and easily accessible while minimizing clutter in homes, offices, or other spaces.